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24.7 Uniforms has a wide range of  Polo T-Shirts Suppliers in Dubai. A range of nice wanting polo t-shirts in Dubai that are a unit a perfect part of any relaxed work wear uniform. With depersonalization, your polo will say something that you simply wish that makes this a value effective alternative of uniform for any trade or as promotional consumer goods.

Polo shirts in Dubai area unit a staple product of the many works we have a tendency tour uniforms, so we make sure that we provide an oversized vary of various designs, colors, and sizes in order that your business will notice an excellent match. Because of their skilled look nevertheless relaxed match and high level of comfort, polo shirts are a unit employed in nearly any trade, you’ll imagine as a general work wear product and as their cheap, they’re fitted to nearly any size of business. As we have a tendency to offer several giant company businesses with polo shirts in Dubai for his or her worker’s uniforms, we will provide unbelievable costs on our very, albeit you’re solely shopping for one product in Dubai. However, for people who want several things, we provide nice bulk discounts which will assist you to scale back the price of every uniform.

Ultimately, nice work wear depends on nice quality as no one desires to be uncomfortable whereas at work; this could have an effect on morale and also the level of an output of you or your workers. This will be} why we have a tendency to solely give the terribly highest quality of polo shirts in Dubai a spread of various materials to confirm that you simply can notice a polo that may be suited to anyone in your business. Our giant range of color’s can permit you to best match the stigmatization of your business and differentiate yourselves from the competition.

All of our products during this very is customized that permits you to shop for adorned polo shirts on-line in Dubai the addition of your brand and/or business name in order that your client grasps United Nations agency you’re and keep in mind you. We have a tendency to conjointly provide written polo shirts that permit for a lot of elaborate graphic style to be placed on your chosen product.


We supply ready-made plain blank Crew Round Neck T Shirts such as Cotton, Sports Drift, and Interlock with over 30 colors selection coupled with company logo embroidery and printing production. As one of the Ready-made T Shirts Suppliers in Dubai UAE, we ensure its availability and quality at the very best price for our customers. Our Crew Neck T Shirts Uniforms shops in Dubai is located in Deira and its factory in Ajman UAE, supplying wholesale and retail not only in Dubai but also to Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Al Ain, GCC region, Africa and export markets.

Cotton T-Shirts

A soft and comfortable fabrics. We have over 30 colors of quality Plain Blank Crew Round Neck T Shirts to choose from for Uniform, Work wear and Events purposes.

Drifit Tees

A sporty shiny polyester fabrics. We have over 25 colors of quality Plain Drifit Tee Shirts to choose from for Uniforms, Workwear and Sports Events purposes.


Printing is another method for branding that create solid look of company logo on the ready-made plain blank crew neck t shirts with its durability and fastness.

Logo Embroidery

Apart from ready-made Crew Neck T-Shirts Supplier in Dubai UAE, we use top and leading embroidery machines enabling quality company logo embroidery.


24.7 Uniforms is a premium uniform supplier in UAE that provides services from catering to the Education, Sportswear, Hospitality, Corporate, Industrial, Aviation, and Healthcare sector. With attentive care and expertise, as renowned uniform outfitters, we source and import prime fabrics to meet all specific needs and requirements at superb value prices. Our in-house team of highly skilled tailors, designers, and marketing teams based in Abu Dhabi use their expertise to achieve superior product quality and deliver impeccable service and fittings to our customer’s requirements.

24.7 Uniforms believes in building long-term relationships with corporate houses, maintained by sensitive caring and prompt attention given by our dedicated staff to all our customers. We take pride in offering our customers the best quality products at highly competitive prices. We also guarantee the quality of all our products and that everyone will be fitted appropriately and given their utmost attention.


Our head office is in Abu Dhabi, but we provide garments and uniforms in all seven emirates of the UAE, including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. We have also extended our services to neighboring countries like Saudi Arabia, the Sultanate of Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Iraq.


Value is important to us; therefore, our uniforms prices are not only the cheapest price, but we offer value adding products to our uniform’s customers. Efficiency is our key to enable our price competitiveness whereas we invest on right people, machines and robust processes. As one of the leading custom uniforms, suppliers, manufacturers and tailoring, we guarantee best price for every uniforms design.


The operation of sewing product must meet certain degrees in terms of quality, for each of these three areas: –

Styles, dimensions for emotional appeal.

Utility, dimensions for function.

Durability, dimensions for the life & utility aspects


To get defects free uniforms, finishing quality control is the first priority for the apparel manufacturer. Finishing quality control generally done in different sections in during finishing process,


The main aim of uniform pressing is to increase the adornment of the uniforms. Also, the following are the key objects of uniform pressing:

Removal of unwanted creases and crinkles:

Different types of unwanted creases and crinkles are happened during making of uniforms. It may be forms due to the washing of uniforms. To remove these unwanted creases and crinkles from the uniforms, pressing or ironing is done.

To apply creases where necessary:

Sometimes, it is applied creasing effect to the uniforms to increase the beauty of that uniforms. Also, this is done before sewing to increase the beauty and proper sewing to the uniforms. These creases are applied by pressing.


Dart and seam are used to the uniforms for proper shaping to the wearer. To increase the beauty and attractiveness of created shape by using dart and seam is done by pressing. Sometimes it needs to shrink or stretch of uniforms parts for shaping, generally, pressing machine consists of a special type of bed is used for pressing.

Under pressing:

To do help for sewing easily and beautifully, it must need to give minimum pressing to some parts of uniforms before to give minimum pressing to some parts of uniforms before sewing is called under pressing. Specially, under pressing is done to most of the apparel industries for making Coat, Jacket, and Trouser and so on.

Final pressing:

The apparels are pressed finally before folding or after making of uniforms, is called final pressing. It is done to increase the beauty of uniforms and to impart a flat appearance to the cloth or uniforms.


We make sure that the packing list is perfectly ok or not.

We always check the following items carefully.


Measurement / dimension

Labeling / shipping mark

Carton sealing

Carton strapping

Carton paper

Carton ply

Quantity of product per carton

Assortment/ Ratio

After these all final checking we packed in master carton as per buyer requirements.


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