Uniforms Custom Design Services in UAE


Every industry is faced with huge challenges in today’s competitive marketplace. A strong corporate identity and commitment to appearance can help to fend off competition through increased brand recognition, which improves customer loyalty.

You can’t achieve this without a capable and dedicated uniform supplier, which is why 24.7 Uniforms prides itself on the bespoke design service it offers to all of our partners.

With a key understanding of both commercial and corporate fashion, our team will work with you to reinvent a corporate identity through improved or newly designed, contemporary uniforms without compromising on performance.

This process is usually followed by a sampling exercise and wearer trial to ensure that our partners are comfortable with any new uniform range.

Commitment to our partners continues throughout this development phase, past the launch of a new uniform and into the logistics of distributing the garments to employees.

We always aim to deliver products that you are proud to wear. Our in-house design team work closely with clients to produce a customized corporate wardrobe that best represents and enhances the brand and corporate image of your business.